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Traditional Tattoo Needles

Our Pre Made Sterilized needles are the result of over 60 years experience making, using and inspecting needles. These are the Best on the Market...period. Others claim it, we ensure it !


Groupings come in the traditional configurations with Tight, round and bold liners. Round shaders, magnums, curved magnums as well as #12 bugpins curved or straight.

Better Steel, Quality control and Inspections are what set us apart.  Give us a try, you won't be dissappointed !

We also carry a complete line of DAGGER BRAND Disposable tubes, Cartridges, Cartridge grips & Piercing needles.

Authorized Distributors

Jolly Roger Tattoo Supply 

2332 E.Carson St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Diamond Tattoo Supply

Unit 1 Plot 9 Exmoor Avenue

Skippingdale IND Estate


North Lincolnshire DN158NJ

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